How to Touch Deceased Pet's Energy?

Have you questioned if after animal loss, pet rebirth can be real? Learning the answers you’re to questions about pet history lives and pet animal re-embodiment and animal message between you and your dead pet provides priceless information. Once you learn how to have you favorite react to your entreaty to be there in earth power you'll sense them much more strongly. Then it's time to "feel" their authority.
Massage your hands together until they are temperate in order to make active the nerve endings in your palms and fingertips so you can sense power to the "max."
Then increase your fingers separately with about -at least- a half inch of room between each handle like a wide jagged comb. Softly as if you are annoying to touch the powder on butterfly wings, brush your hands parallel back and forth inside about a 4 foot wide path about 4 feet high rectangular area in the surrounding area you are intellect your pet is situated.
Keep working in rectangular quadrants until you prudence and sense a thicker, denser, typically cooler mass within the objective area. That's them! You can feel the limits of their form, even all their "feetsies" or fine hair! If you get REALLY good, you can experience their whiskers.


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