Best Adventure Travel Websites

It would be a good idea to refer to some of the best adventure travel websites if you wish to embark on an adventure tour. There are some adventure travel sites at our finger tips, which we could suggest for you to consider when you plan your trip.

Best travel directory has been nominated as the best adventure travel company by the National Geographic Adventurer Magazine. The top 10 best selling trips are to Antarctica, Egypt, Peru, Jordan, South Africa, Costa Rica, Thailand, China, Australia and India. There is a destination of the week and free trips to be won.

National Geographic is one of the best adventure travel sites. It presents the best in adventure travel and ecotourism, complete with descriptions of destinations and photos. Get acquainted with the researchers and their projects. Right now you can choose from the best of American adventures or 20 Family Adventure travels. It is often difficult to plan a vacation that pleases all the members of your family. With the help of experts, you can do just that and have a marvelous holiday, no matter what you're looking for - culture, wildlife, or just pure relaxation. You could check out the 50 best American adventures, or go on a hiking trail. lists 21 top adventure travel companies, which present an interesting collection of adventure trips like biking in Morocco or rafting through the Grand Canyon. The websites of each company has a list of its adventure trips, with its itineraries, prices and photos to give you a 'feel' of the adventure. They include geographic expeditions, mountain travel, ecotourism and nature trips, rafting and so on.

The organizers of Gap Adventures seem to promise a lot - they wish to take you off the beaten path to come face to face with the unexpected and meet the extraordinary. They intend to make your travel dreams come true, and their only aim is to do their best to give you the very best in every sphere of your journey. Gap Adventures does not believe that an adventure trip must be costly; they try their best to keep the prices competitive and concentrate on delivering tours that you remember for a lifetime. With 1000 trips in the seven continents, there's a Gap Adventure trip for everyone!

Horizons Unlimited is a site just for motor cyclists. This is a place where all the motorbike enthusiasts share their experiences and plan their trips. Horizon Unlimited has quite a few mad adventures lined up for these riders, who think nothing of whizzing off to seemingly impossible destinations on their two wheelers. This site wishes to share all your mad capers across the continents.

These are some of the best adventure travel websites; you'll find many more at the click of your mouse, ready to help you plan your special trip.

Cheap Travel Websites - Buyer Beware!

With the increasing numbers of people who are on a budget, cheap travel sites have been doing a lot more business. Everyone wants and needs a break every now and then but times are so that being thrifty is more in fashion so to speak.

As with any other trade for websites online, there has been a growing trend for those cheap travel sites that are a little less than ethical. There are varying degrees of this - from websites sending a load of spam to the email of a past purchaser to unexplained charges on their credit card to fake tickets - but whatever the case, these are unethical and fraudulent practices from sites that are supposed to keep information confidential.

It is of the utmost important that anyone looking for cheaper airfare, travel packages, or any other form of cheap travel option, that they do their fair share of research first. There are reviews that are written online about these websites and even those sites that are dedicated to uncovering these deceitful sites. It is worth the extra time spent to find out if the site can be trusted. One sure way is to check out the security signs on the website and to check with the Better Business Bureau or other trusted business sites.

In the case that there is even a slight bit of suspicion or doubt in mind about a site, it is always a wise idea to skip the eagerness that arises when a good deal is discovered and watch for the next good deal that comes from a site that is reputable. This may just prevent a person from becoming another one of the twenty percent of individuals who have already had one of these unfortunate experiences.

The Best Travel Websites For Cheap Airfares

Finding cheap airfares is easy to do if you follow some basic guidelines and use the best travel sites. With the internet anyone can be their own travel agent and save themselves a lot of money in the process. Before I touch on the best websites to use I will first go over the most important guidelines to be thinking about before you start doing your online searches for the cheapest airfares.
The first thing to think about is how far in advance should you try to book your ticket. If you will be flying in high season then the earlier the better, probably at least three or four months in advance if at all possible. If it will not be high season then typically you can get your best deals somewhere between six to eight weeks in advance. At a minimum you should try to buy your ticket at least three weeks in advance, because this is often a requirement by the airlines to get their best fares.
The next thing to be aware of is that you should be as flexible as you possibly can. Do searches for different dates if your schedule allows it, and know that it generally tends to be more expensive to fly on Mondays, Fridays, or Sundays which are typically heavily traveled days for business people. Likewise try to be open to different departure times. And if possible be open to flying from and/or to different airports, especially those that are served by budget airlines.
The last thing to keep in mind is what day of the week you make your purchase. Several experts believe that on average you get the best prices right after midnight on Tuesday nights. The reasoning is that this is when the airlines put back on the market all of the un-purchased reservations for sale priced tickets from the previous weekend.
Armed with these basic guidelines you can now start using the best travel sites to find the best fares. First try searching the best aggregator sites which are search engines that search multiple travel websites at the same time. The best aggregators for airfares as of now are, and
After you have found a great fare with an aggregator you should also check directly with the airline's website to see if you can get it even cheaper there. And you could also do a search on Google for 'promotion codes' along with the name of the airline. Sometimes you can find a special running for the itinerary that you want, and you can only use this code on the airline's website.
Now it is time to check to see if the aggregator sites missed a budget airline due to the fact that many budget airlines do not allow themselves to be searched by the aggregators. Southwest Airlines is a prime example. You can do this by using If you discover that a budget airline that wasn't covered by the aggregator sites flies the route you need, then go to that airline's website and get a price. Sometimes it will be lower than anything that you found in your other searches.
If you follow these simple steps and use the recommended best travel sites you can easily save yourself a lot of money booking your own airline tickets. And in these difficult economic times, who doesn't want to save money whenever they can? Good luck!

Vacation Travel Tips and Hints

The developments in the travel industry are rife with contests of all sorts which are resulting in decrease in the prices and countless discounts offers to suit every type of traveler. No one is welcoming the changes more than the persons who only had dreams of visiting far away countries and can now turn it into a reality. Yes, it is possible for travelers to find Jamaica international airline deals, packages, discount tickets and much more encouraging tropical vacation experiences for the sick, young, seniors or just about anyone who want to take advantage.

It is a well known fact that traveling to international locations for vacation will put a big dent in most people's pocket; this means that everyone is looking for deals that would get them to travel at the cheapest rate possible. This is not only pertaining to the airline tickets, as finding affordable accommodations, restaurants, shopping, tours and more would definitely make it easier for everyone. However, a great way to start would be to find the discount flights that would keep you in budget for the rest of the vacation.

There are a number of options available to travel outside of one's country these days without dipping too much into the savings. Some of the offers that are out there are due to the high influx of travelers that are seeking or searching vigorously for discounts. Some people still visit the local travel agents, while others make use of the opportunities to save online. If you can spend a couple of minutes each day to examine and compare the different deals on the travel sites, you would be surprised of the wonderful vacation package or discount tickets that you can discover.

For this reason, some travel companies don't even bother to contend with the attractive offers online. Almost every detail for traveling is now provided on the travel sites ranging from, newsletters, tourist information, tour guides, vacation planners and a number of other promotions. However, if you are planning to book your airline tickets online, it will be best to do your research before, especially if you are traveling to the island for the first time.

The travel sites are now considered the best and most effective way to get the right Jamaica international airline tickets. One of the biggest reasons for this is the number of times that the information is updated daily with new travel details. But, you should be prepared to do some monitoring as the rates fluctuate daily and you have to be ready to book as soon as you spot the right price for you.

Another contributing factor to online booking is the deals that are available for business or vacation travelers alike. Most people are aware of such offerings and will look out for them on each trip. It is also possible to find great deals for frequent travelers or persons who are booking in advance, which enable them to save a lot on the traveling costs.

While you are searching for your discounts, there are certain things to consider as they will determine if you are successful or not. This includes the airlines that you select, whether the route is busy or slow, the season you are traveling and also the time of day when you want to depart or arrive. All of these are part of the deciding factor which will determine if you pay the discounted or regular price for airline tickets.

Book Air Travel and Cheap Flights Online

The internet is fast replacing the travel agents as more and more people tend to search for deals and even book Air Jamaica flights online. This is not really shocking as they can save more money if they know where and how to look for the specials.

You will find that there is a lot tricks involved in this trade and when you want to find the cheap flights it is important that one get accustom to the happenings in the industry, as well as the travel sites. Nevertheless, there are some helpful tips, suggestions and information that are provided for travelers to save on air travel. So, it is possible to get to any destination you want to go to these days and pay the lowest prices for tickets.

When you have familiarize yourself with all the prices offered by the different airlines and discover the ones that will travel the routes that you desire, then it would be easier for you to plan. Some people find the details on the airlines on the travel site and then compare the prices and offers on the airlines websites. But, some airlines don't provide options for purchasing tickets and you might have to call to inquire about the flights. So, the better option is to examine all the options on the travel site carefully and save the money that you would use to call the different places.

When it comes to online booking it is about doing price comparisons, it is similar to when you are shopping for any other product. This is if you are looking to save of course, but in any case everyone should be doing this in order to spend money wisely in these times. One thing you have to understand about the prices online is that they change very quickly.

Most people think this is a strategy by the airlines and the travel sites, but you have to understand that the sites will have a definite amount of tickets to sell and if you don't move quickly once you see a deal, it will be gone the next day. Although, some might have the deals available the next day, but the price could increase. Therefore, it would be best to book your flights as soon as you find one that is suitable.

I am sure you are always hearing that if you are flexible when you are planning for your business trips or vacations, it would work to your advantage. In fact, whether you are booking offline or online, this is usually a way to save money on flights especially on the days when there is not much people traveling. There are different deals that can be accessible this way and you can save a significant sum if you can leave at any time of the day or night.

When you are looking for deals and special offers online, you should be aware of some of them as they might not be what they seem. In general, to book Air Jamaica flights online or even any other type of flights is really a simple task; as long as you research carefully the savings would be possible.

Air Travel Discounts to Jamaica

What if you were able to reduce the cost of your traveling, take trips to popular spots such as Ocho Rios or Montego Bay anytime you want and still get to save some money? Naturally, most people would love do this, especially for destinations which demands the high priced tickets. But, I bet some of you are not aware that attractive offers are provided for persons to find air travel discounts to Jamaica and still provide them with the opportunity to visit exotic spots like the private beach near Frenchman's Cove in Port Antonio.

Indeed, the possibilities also exist to stay in five star resorts or hotels on family vacations with attractive package offers from all inclusive properties such as Starfish resort in Trelawny or Beaches in Negril. Locating the best discounts for traveling will take a bit of research, but if you make use of the information that is provided on the internet it will yield good results in short space of time.

In addition, even if you want discounts for hotels, car rentals, tour packages and more for places in the quiet South Coast areas, you can find this simple by browsing the travel sites. You can find information for just about every little corner in Jamaica, regardless of its popularity, so if you want to see attractions like Lovers Leap in St Elizabeth you will be able to get results just the same.

The rest of the information on this page will focus on some of the things that would help you to reduce the costs for your trips.

First, search for the travel discounts on the website and take advantage of the multiple options with available ticket offers and promotions all the time. The airline companies such as Air Jamaica will provide the travel sites with updated details regularly, so you are guaranteed to find specials which will enable you to save on even last minute deals.

Next, check for the vacation packages which are provided for all the holiday spots on the island and will enable you to save much more, plus offer convenience for your trip. These deals usually combine hotel, airline ticket and at times airport transfers, so when it is compared to the price that you would pay individually, you will realize that this is significantly cheaper.

Another way to reduce your air travel cost is to search for the specials that are offered by the hotels or resorts at the same time. In the event that you cannot find a travel package at the time of your trip, try to find deals that will give discounts such as free night at a hotel on the "hip strip" in Montego Bay or any other promotion that might be available at that time.

While you are researching your options on the travel sites, ensure that you are not wasting your time examining every single option. The most effective way to get your desired results is to decide on the exact location in Jamaica that you want to visit and select the airport that would be closest to this spot. For instance, if you want to spend your holiday in Lucea, then you would look for the flights that will take you to the Sangster's International airport in Montego Bay.

If you are traveling from the UK or any other far country, ensure that you check the flights that would visit Montego Bay from your location and determine which options would be cheaper. There are specific flights that will only land at the Norman Manley airport in Kingston, so it is important that you pay attention to this as well. Most times this little detail is overlooked by travelers and they end up spending unnecessary money.

Finally, as soon as you find the hotels or air travel discounts to Jamaica, you should consider examining some of the other aspects of your trip to realize more savings. Remember that a vacation is not complete if you are not having fun and sampling authentic Jamaican cuisine, such as the roast breadfruit and fried fish is a must, so check all the options and find the ways to save.

Travel Agents - Are They Needed?

Travel agents aren't going the way of the eight-track tape just yet. They are also increasingly expected to know about and be able to advise travelers about their destinations, such as the weather conditions, local ordinances and customs, attractions, and exhibitions.These agents are the critical connection between the customer and vendor of the service that the customer is wishing to book. Travel Agents are experts in helping tourist with how to move within the country, where to stay & what to do are are held to a high standard of care and are relied upon by consumers.

When traveling abroad to a new destination, having a travel agent who has actually been there is a huge plus. Face to face is still the best way to do business and it's sad that the Agent is considered an obsolete commodity these days. I had an aunt and uncle who would tell their travel agent when they had a vacation coming up and the agent would find a great trip for them year after year.Some people are also inexperienced travelers and speaking/planning face to face with an expert would make them much less anxious.

Good travel agents focus on finding deals during nonpeak times, which is when you can score the cheapest rates and greatest selection. Because they book trips in volume and have longstanding relationships with travel providers, travel agents routinely get preferred rates and extra amenities that you and your favorite travel site will rarely match. Written off as dinosaurs not so long ago, agents are seeing a welcome bump in business, with the 2006 average weekly sales per agent location up 15% over the year before. Many agents have become a specialized bunch, some offering adrenaline-fueled adventure trips, others pricey safaris. Other agents go after even thinner slices of the travel pie, with specialties ranging from twins-only cruises to kosher dude ranches. Some agents charge anywhere from $150 to redeem a frequent-flier award to a $500 consulting fee for arranging customized trips. In the 1980s, agents were the gatekeepers of travel, booking nearly 80% of all airline tickets.

I am not defending all agents, as there isn't a standard, or requirement to become an agent,(other than basic computer skills) therefore, there are many agents that just wanted to get out of the house. I guess my point is: Lower your expectations, as many agents don't know much more than the general public, although they have access to the info. The same would be for a lawyer, a real estate agent, a hair dresser and I can go on and on. So why do people think you do not have to do your research or get a referral to find an excellent travel agent. There are MANY great travel agents out there and the value of having a good one is ten times better than booking on the internet.

Travel agents are agents of the travel providers, receiving commissions from the travel providers for sales they make. You will find travel agents are like doctors, accountants, book-keepers and any other service professional. They are in the business of selling advice and service, not commodity products. MOST travel agents are continually learning about destinations and suppliers; who to work with and who Not to work with.They are there, though, because they work for you. Whether times are good or not, these agents are your secret weapon, hiding in plain sight.

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