How to Travel Cheap - 3 Secrets Many of the Online Discount Travel Sites Hope You Don't Find Out!

If you are planning a family vacation or any travel plans at all, you should know that there are things the discount travel sites are not going to tell you and they hope you don't find out! But worry not, here they are spelled out for you in black and white:

1. You may not know that the published rate you view on the travel website may not be the lowest possible rate available. The reason for this is the big online travel agencies as well as the offline agencies receive their volume in bulk, and they don't announce or publish the private fare prices or those for consolidators. Why should they? They would lose money if they posted below-the-market airfares and deals. To discover these under-market prices and fab lower-price deals on airfares and travel, you will need to consult an experienced and knowledgeable travel pro, but just know that these fares are absolutely out there for you.

2. All costs are not normally shown in the search results when you are doing a search on one of the online discount travel sites. The price that comes up may be leaving out quite a lot actually such as surcharges for certain seats, checked baggage costs, and other surcharges added on by the airline. As a results of these shenanigans, that "lowest and best price" you are viewing at the site may in reality be a lot higher.

3. Once you have purchased your travel tickets from one of the budget travel websites online, you are pretty much on your own to deal with any problems. The websites may make it sound like they will be around to help, and they might very well be, but often you will have trouble finding a phone number to connect with a live person. So if you have any last-minute problems this could prove to make things difficult for you. If indeed you are able to find a phone number and talk to someone, you may often find they speak English as a second or third language. This again will make resolving your issues difficult.

Keep these thoughts in mind when searching online for your best travel deals. Those deals are out there waiting for you to find, but do your due diligence and know what you are dealing with before you hit "send" and purchase those great vacation tickets.


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